Bright Discoveries for Early Learning
Great Minds Start Young.

Curriculum and Activites

At Bright Discoveries For Early Learning we use the curriculum "Teaching Strategies" by Creative Curriculum. Our lesson plans and daily schedules are posted in each classroom and are modified to meet the developmental needs of each age group.

Nurturing Infant Care

Bright Discoveries provides a responsive and safe daycare environment for your infant. Your baby will be loved and cared for, as our highly trained teachers work to stimulate your baby's cognitive, physical and emotional development through exploration, movement and individual nurturing.

Your Infant's Day
Our infant classroom provides various areas designed to stimulate your baby's learning, while providing playtime, music and quality care throughout the day. The infant's teacher will involve your child in:
  • Movement: Our movement area encourages your infant to move and participate in teacher-guided physical developmental activities. In this area you will see various materials such as, mats, soft climbers, push and pull toys, balls, instruments and soft baskets.
  • Exploration: Because manipulating a variety of objects and interaction with various materials is crucial in the infant's learning of math and science concept it is important we supply a selection of sizes, shapes and textures throughout our exploration area. In this area they will play with nesting cups, large soft cars, trucks and transportation toys, soft blocks, puzzles and more.
  • Relaxation: Our cozy area offers a safe place where your infant can feel calm and refreshed. The infant teacher quietly reads books about familiar objects, and colors while they snuggle together with pillows, soft books and other cuddly toys.

One Year Old Program

We all know, "Walking changes everything". Your toddler wants to go everywhere and do everything. Our highly trained teachers take care in providing a safe setting geared for exploring, excitement and exercise. Our hands on programs for your child will play a large role in shaping your child's brain, behavior health and personality. We realize each child is unique, therefore we provide a range of activities that allows children to grow, learn and develop at their own pace.

Toddler's Activities:
Your toddler's teachers will provide a variety of choices in our safe and organized learning Centers. Our Toddler Learning Program is activity based to encourage:
  • Active and Gross Motor Play: Rocking and riding toys, toddler swings and large climbing structures. Fine Motor Play: Stacking and nesting toys, puzzles as well as action/reaction toys
  • Arts and Exploration: Art materials (paints, easel chubby crayons and more) sand and water tables and various sensory materials *Imagination and Quiet time: Kitchen sets, including dishes, shopping cart and play food as well as dress up clothes, dolls and accessories, all of which help stimulate their imagination.
  • Language Development, Music and Movement: Children's books...books and more books, puppets, musical toys and instruments as well as CD players and a variety of CDs.
Your One Year Old's Day
Bright Discoveries toddler program was designed to stimulate and challenge your child daily. The focus on any given toddler's day includes :
  • Group activities: ranging from singing songs, finger play as well as exploring books and pictures.
  • Outdoor Play: All children are provided with outdoor time twice daily to help burn off energy, develop motor skills and enjoy Florida's wonderful weather.
  • Child Directed Activities: Explore and play in Learning Centers
  • Teacher-initiated activities: We provide art experiences puppet shows, story time and music. At Bright Discoveries we provide positive relationships with peers and caring adults, to promote social and emotional skills that will lay a good foundation for your child's well-being.

Two Year Old Program

At Bright Discoveries your child will engage in exciting learning activities designed to meet their developmental needs and help them advance to the next level of preschool.

Our integrated curriculum for your two year old will emphasize their creativity, social and emotional skills, cognitive development, physical activity, language and literacy. Our curriculum is designed to support and reinforce your two year olds independence with fun and challenging experiences. We know two year olds are full of energy and curiosity and our highly trained teachers help each child meet their coming milestones in a safe and loving environment.

Your Two Year Old's Day:

Welcome to our terrific two's classroom. Our curriculum offers themes that will keep your two year old engaged in a series of learning activities. Bright Discoveries helps and supports a toilet training process that is consistent, positive and manageable at home and school. Your child will participate in Large Group times engaging them in story time, music and discussion relating to weekly theme. Children will have self-initiated time as well as teacher-initiated time to explore and play in centers. Children will create and bring home art projects. Lunch and Nap Time are required to rest your child's growing mind and body. Outdoor play is offered twice daily to help burn off energy and develop motor skills. Your child will participate in new and challenging experiences daily in their Learning Centers:
  • Blocks: By using a variety of building materials your child uses their imagination helping develop, emotionally, socially, cognitively and physically
  • Dramatic Play/Home Life Area: Children use role modeling to help make sense of their world as they use their imagination and problem solving during group play
  • Library (book and storytelling): Having a variety of books to explore or have read to them, helps promote a life-long love of reading, literature and language.
  • Creativity and Art Center: Your child will learn eye-hand coordination, small muscle control and a great pride in displaying their masterpiece paintings, drawings or clay moldings.
  • Sand and Water: Your two year old will enjoy learning science, math and sensory concepts, during sand and water play
  • Music: Musical instruments, puppets, CD player, CDs and more. Offering a variety of music, puppets and finger plays adds warmth, rhythm, coordination and cheerfulness to your two year olds day. Your child will be singing new songs!
  • Spanish class is provided two days per week

Three Year Old Program

Your child has reached Three! Throughout this stage children crave nurturing and praise. Our teachers at Bright Discoveries are trained to meet your child's individual needs and encourage new challenges in their preparation for VPK, Kindergarten and beyond.

Three's Preschool Learning Centers At Bright Discoveries we provide a curriculum tailored that develops critical-thinking skills and stimulates your child's curiosity. The three year old classroom is designed to promote your child's growing independence and need to explore.
  • Blocks-woodworking
  • Dramatic Play/Home Life Area
  • Music
  • Discovery Area(science)
  • Math and Manipulative’ s
  • Art
  • Reading Corner
Your Three year Old's Day
Our diverse curriculum is based on weekly themes designed to capture the various interest and needs of preschool children. A typical day for your three year old includes:
  • Learning Centers incorporate and bring the weekly themes to life.
  • Circle time is offered both morning and afternoon...themed activities are shared, discussed and reviewed.
  • Music and movement is a fun way to express creativity and feelings while expanding your child's vocabulary and listening skills by using songs, rhymes and poetry.
  • Outdoor Time is offered twice daily to help burn off energy, develop motor skills and enjoy the outdoors
  • Lunch and quiet time to nourish and recharge your child's mind and belly.
  • Language enrichment skills are developed through the use of puppets, matching games, story-time and more.
  • Spanish class is provided two days a week.
You will receive daily written reports, and family/teacher conferences yearly to see your child's progress.

Four-Five Year Old VPK Program

The VPK classroom at Bright Discoveries is designed to help your child make significant development gains. Your child's communication skills will start improving, as our Certified Teachers prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond.

Our curriculum is fun and age appropriate, encouraging children to develop reasoning and thinking skills that will be needed throughout their lives. Children work both in groups and independently teaching social skills and independence as well. Our Teachers provide a challenging weekly themed based lesson designed to keep the interest and needs of your 4 and 5 year olds.

Bright Discoveries helps your child to discover and experience learning by:
  • Reinforcing Reading Skills
  • Practice Writing Letters and Words
  • Expand Creativity
  • Develop Math Skills
  • Prepare for School in the fall Four-Five's Preschool Learning Centers
  • Block-woodworking
  • Dramatic Play/Home Life
  • Music
  • Art
  • Discovery Area(science)
  • Math and Manipulative
  • Reading /Writing Center
  • Water and Sand area

Your Four-Five Year Old's Day
A typical day for your child would include:
  • Morning and afternoon Circle time
  • Free Choice
  • Sharing
  • Practicing Math, Language or Literacy Skills
  • Story-time, Songs and Poetry
  • Music and Movement
  • Outdoor Play
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch , Quiet time and Snack (Children attending all day)
  • Extended day includes Additional School Readiness Activities, use of computer and Spanish Classes.
Our curriculum is theme based and applied to learning activities. Folders are sent home daily with your child's work, progress and teacher communication. Please return your child's folder daily.

Kids In The Kitchen
Kids in the kitchen is our weekly hands on food experience which allows children to prepare their own healthy snacks. This program is designed to encourage children to try new foods while having fun.


Summer Camp

Bright Discoveries is conveniently opened year around and continues to have stimulating age appropriate activities for your child. We offer a fun filled lesson plan throughout the summer with our monthly calendars letting you know what activity is planned for the month. We know the importance of happy and nurtured children, as today's child is tomorrow's future.

Our Summer Camp officially opens to elementary students as of June 1st. This group of children are in their own special class geared for their age group. You will discover at Bright Discoveries the fun doesn't stop! We provide a fun-filled age appropriate summer of educational experiences to stimulate each unique child.

A typical day for your little camper would be:
  • Movies
  • Art and Crafts
  • Special Guests
  • Picnics
  • Computers
  • Water Day
  • Outdoor Play
  • Kids in the Kitchen (Our fun food experiences, letting your child create their own snacks.)
  • Get A Long Gang (designed to encourage all children to respect and be respected, work in groups, make new friends and have fun getting along)
Nutritional Breakfast, Lunch and P.M. snacks are included and provided daily
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